The chart for little feet

To find the right shoes for your baby,

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The development of a child's feet is an essential element in their growth. During this crucial period (the pre-walking period and first steps period) it is important that they wear shoes which are adapted to their growing little feet. They therefore need very specific shoes: PARK SHOES.

100 years of shoe manufacturing, specialist in children's shoes, BOPY was one of the first to design and make this type of shoes.


For BOPY, they absolutely must meet 12 criteria

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  1. A shoe exclusively reserved for the "Â?very small" available in sizes 16 to 21
  2. A flexible shoe, as the child often swaps between crawling and standing
  3. A reinforced tip for crawling
  4. Strong back holding the ankle properly when standing
  5. A sole which is not too thick to be flexible and not hamper walking.
  6. A very small heel for comfort
  7. A non slip sole to make those first steps easier
  8. Leather upper for comfort, flexibility and to allow the foot to "breathe"
  9. Lining and innersole in leather for softness and to let transpiration to pass through
  10. A slightly arched sole holding the foot without deforming it
  11. For extra comfort, possibly a padded ankle or padding between the upper and the lining
  12. Because parents rightly alternate shoe wearing periods during the child's day, they must be easy and quick to put on. The PARK SHOE, whether it is laced or buckled, must therefore have a large opening, particularly at the front, to be able to put the shoes on the child with no difficulties.

BOPY also recommends :

  • PUTTING YOUR HAND INSIDE the shoe to verify the softness and the lining.
  • CHECK THE FLEXIBILITY AROUND THE BALL OF THE FOOT by bending the shoe slightly before trying it.
  • USE A FOOT SCALE to get the right size. If you do not have one, place the child's right foot on the bottom of the left sole to check the size.
  • CHOSE A SIZE which is slightly larger than the foot to leave some "room for growth"Â?.
  • FIX THE LACES OR THE BUCKLE PROPERLY, without pulling too tightly (you should be able to get a finger inside next to the ankle).


For all its other products, BOPY applies these same principles by adapting them to the children's age, morphology and use. BOPY offers them specific collections adapted to their taste, their needs, pretty girls or tough boys, BOPY ranges respond to all their wishes.

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