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Heritage and passion

The story of the Bopy brand began over 100 years ago, which was ignited by the passion of a man named Pierre Humeau. Ever since he was a young boy, he was interested in crafting shoes, and at 12 years old, his mother allowed him to work for the local shoemaker in his village. It was the beginning of his dream.

In 1905, he set up his first workshop, bringing together some 20 craftsmen, all passionate about making quality shoes. Strengthened by his childhood memories, Pierre Humeau devoted himself to putting on the youngest. From then on, Bopy became a regional reference for children which quickly spread to the whole of France.


The passion of Bopy today

What was at first the humble passion of a little boy, has evolved into a true know-how and a guarantee of quality and prestige. Bopy is considered to be the French trademark of specializing in children's footwear.

The passion that inspires the artisans is within the manufacturing of the shoes as there is utmost care and comfort within. The Bopy family now has more than 450 employees whose involvement is transmitted from generation to generation, who all feel joy in seeing a smile on a child's face. 

For the sake of quality control, Bopy is part of Groupe HB (Humeau Beaupréau). Initiator of the INNOSHOE charter, Groupe HB strives to establish standards of "rigour, reliability and quality" throughout the production cycle of its shoes.


Bopy products


With more than a century of experience under its belt, Bopy has established itself as an expert in the French market with a know-how that enables them to meet the tastes and expectations of parents.

From the study of the trends to the production, the greatest care is taken at each stage of the creation of the shoes. The objective? Delight the small ones and reassure the parents.



From sizes 16 to 41, the Bopy range is diverse, trendy and made for girls and boys. With the high quaity of materials used for our shoes, they allow children to take their first steps safely.

With two collections per year, Bopy covers all seasons. The sandals, ballerinas, peep-toe shoes and low shoes all come in a variety of models and colours to uplift every day that goes by. The autumn-winter collection offers a range of boots, ankle boots and shoes.


Bopy's focus is on the child's care and comfort.

The desire to allow toddlers to enjoy their childhood to the max, flourish in the playground and in their parents back garden - this is the key point for the brand - all of this, under the watchful eye of parents.

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