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To ensure optimal comfort and safety, it is essential to offer quality support to children, from their very first steps. A flexible shoe with good support, allows the little ones to learn how to walk smoothly. This step is crucial for their growth and requires attention from parents. We should not expect children to say that their shoes are too small, so it is up to us to anticipate their needs.

With this in mind for the first five years, the foot changes on average two to three times in size per year. So it is better to take precautions and plan accordingly.

At Bopy, we strive to maintain affordable prices, so that parents can offer the best comfort throughout the growth of children.

There are certain tricks that allow you to follow the evolution of their size. For example, when your child is standing upright, it is important to be able to slide a finger between the heel of the child and the buttress of the boot (see illustration). If your child hasn't taken their first steps, it's better to opt for shoes with soft soles, such as those in our "Bopy Petits Pieds" range.


The Bopy Guide to Good Shoes

To guide you in choosing the ideal pair, Bopy has drawn up a list of 10 tips, from the shape to the choice of the size ! 

  1. A reinforced toe
    cap to protect the toes from everyday impacts
  2. A reinforced heel "counter"
    that will properly support the child's ankle
  3. A anti-slip sole that provides grip,
    on many different surfaces
  4. A lining and isole that can "breathe" and allow perspiration to escape.
  5. A light, arched insole
    that will follow the foot natural shape
  6. A design that gives you a
    simple and easy way
    to get their foot in and out of the shoe
  7. A flexible shoe
    that will stay comfortable all day long.
  8. Make sure to measure
    both feet using a pedimeter every three to four months 
  9. If the child is between two sizes, opt for the bigger size
  10. Let the child choose the model they like!
    It's more fun that way!
Entretien des chaussures

Some maintenance tips

How to prolong shoes !

Even if, for obvious reasons of growth, the life of their first pair of shoes is limited, it's important to make sure they're long-lasting. To do this, we recommend you to regularly change the pairs of shoes your child wears, so that the all the shoes can maintain their quality.

Maintain the shoes of our children

When shoes are wet, be sure to dry them thoroughly before storing them to avoid moisture damage. Moreover, we do not recommend washing your shoes in the washing machine. The high temperature of the water detaches the sole and shorten the shoe's life-span. 

A problem with a zip ?

Sometimes, the zip can be a little tricky to use. If this is the case, rub a little bit of soap on the zip to ease its movement

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