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The story of the Bopy brand began over 100 years ago, which was ignited by the passion of a man named Pierre Humeau. Ever since he was a young boy, he was interested in crafting shoes, and at 12 years old, his mother allowed him to work for the local shoemaker in his village. It was the beginning of his dream.

For many years, the artisans behind the brand worked hard to craft quality shoes for children, using their savoir-faire to add their unique touch. And since then, Bopy became famous.

Today, Bopy holds a team of 140 passionate artisans who maintain this tradition. Day after day, they dedicate their time to create magnificent collections, to sit on the feet of toddlers and older children. Bopy shoes offer children the comfort their feet need as well as the desire to dream. And that's all you need when you're a child.


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